RSK-met 50 Series: Solar Monitoring Station


The RSK-met 50 Series is an automated Solar Monitoring Station & data acquisition system specifically designed for solar monitoring applications. The standard package is designed to meet client standard requirement. Systems are easily customized with accessories for every aspect of the station, from communications to mounting options.

Typical applications include pre-construction phase solar resource assessment, baseline data collection, and performance monitoring. RSK-PVmet 50 Series simplifies the process of collecting system data by acting as the single point data gateway for environmental, Renewable Energy, inverter, and energy meter data.



Most of the systems we sell are customized. These systems, however, typically measure the following parameters:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Solar radiation—global horizontal (GH)
  • Solar radiation—plane of array (POA)
  • Surface temperature—back of panel
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation
  • Barometric pressure

Typical Configuration

  1. RS Consultancy Control Datalogger
  2. Enable a Modbus TCP/IP device to interface with IEC 61850 SCADA system simultaneously. SCADA Connectivity via Modbus (GSM/GPRS options available)
  3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (solar panels available)
  4. Robust Instrumentation Tower and Mounting Hardware
  5. Ultrasonic Heated Wind Speed / Direction Sensor
  6. Air Temperature Sensor
  7. Relative Humidity Sensor
  8. Barometric Pressure Sensor
  9. Total Global Plane of Array Irradiation Sensor

(one per collector plane)

  1. Total Global Horizontal Irradiation Sensor
  2. Precipitation Sensor
  3. Back of Module Temperature Sensor
  4. Diffuse Radiation Sensor (Optional)
  5. Pyrgeometer Sensor (Optional)
  6. Pyrheliometers (Optional)
  7. Soiling (Optional)

Benefits and Features

  • RS Consultancy Measurement Control Datalogger
  • Easy integration, easy maintenance, and wide input voltage range
  • Embedded hardware designed for harsh substation environment.
  • Real time process data monitoring and controlling for all devices and protocols
  • File Upload / Download support, remote configuration
  • Includes sealed circular connectors on the outside of the enclosure, simplifying sensor hookup
  • Reduces installation time by using a prewired/preprogrammed integrated design
  • Provides a battery back system that allows data collection during power outages and network failure
  • Other optional Protocol Includes: IEC104, IEC101, OPC-UA/DA, MODBUS, DLMS ETC.
  • Modular design promotes customization
  • Acts as single point data gateway for environmental, renewable energy ,inverter, and energy meter data
  • Different Hardware Model selection as per the system and solution need.

Data Logger Option 1


  • 5 Analogue Input Channel
  • 4 Counter Input Channel
  • Modbus Output
  • MQTT
  • GPRS
  • Single Line Display

Data Logger Option 2


  • 8 Analogue Input Channel
  • 4 Counter Input Channel
  • Modbus Output TCP/IP
  • Communicate with Other Third Party Protocol like IEC104 , IEC101,IEC61850 for SCADA system.
  • Gateway with OPC UA


  • Renewable Energy Monitoring
  • Solar Meteorological Station
  • Wireless Weather Monitoring Station
  • Remote Sensing
  • Automatic Water Level Monitoring
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring