RS SCADA is designed for smart grid application. The main focus of RS SCADA is real time monitoring and control of transmission and distribution of substation’s equipment. From Intelligent electronic device (IED) as well as from various process equipment RS SCADA easily collect data through different protocols. Obtain  data’s  in  real  time  of  different  devices  through  different  communication  protocols  as  IEC  60870‐5‐104,  IEC  60870‐5‐101, IEC  60870‐5‐103, IEC  61850,  DNP3  and  MODBUS. RS SCADA ensures the safe and correct operation of your system. It offers you simplified architecture to configure your application.

  • Support various protocol, IEC61850, DNP3, IEC-60870-5-101/104, OPC and Modbus
  • Supervision and local control for substation and control centers.
  • SCADA based on Client / Server Architecture.
  • Multiple clients control and display..
  • Redundant architecture.
  • Sequence of events reporting with time stamped event data
  • Real time monitoring with real time and graphical presentation of data
  • Alarm notification, Report and Real time Events
  • Database in real time.
  • Trends in real-time and historical.
  • Security Level
  • Connection to different database systems.
  • Customize report generation
  • Simplified drawing tools
  • Complete tool drawing.
  • Libraries for the electrical and industrial
  • Filters and tools to print and export.
  • CSV/Excel/Pdfdata.
  • User friendly design procedure
  • Animation and add image facility
  • LDMS (Local display and monitoring system)
  • Sub Station RTU, IED and others equipment monitoring and control
  • Smart Grid application
  • IEC 61850 based substation monitoring and control
  • Electrical power transmission networks and associated equipment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Pipeline monitoring or supervision and control
  • Environmental monitoring systems (pollution, air quality, emissions monitoring)
  • Solar Power plant monitoring
  • Wind Power plant monitoring


  • Communication Protocols IEC60870 -5- 101/104,DNP3,IEC 61850, Modbus
  • User type                                            Local and Remote
  • User Mode Client, Developer
  • Redundancy                                      Hot Standby
  • OS Support                                        Microsoft® Windows XP, 7



  • Processor                                           Intel® Core™ i3 or better
  • Memory                                             On-board 4GB or better
  • Storage                                               250 GB or better


Other Characteristics

  • Data Collection                                 Collect data through different protocols
  • Database                                             Real time database
  • Report                                                 Customized report generation

Tags                                                         As per customer need

  • IEC 61850
  • DNP3.0
  • IEC 60870-101
  • IEC 60870-104
  • OPC
  • Modbus