product name :PCM300-TP Total phosphorus online analyzer


Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method,the principle is :Using Potassium persulfate to digest the sample and  convert all the contented phosphorus into orthophosphate. In the acid medium,with the existence of antimony salt, orthophosphate will react with ammonium molybdate and generate phospho molybdenum heteropoly aci which will be reduced by ascorbic acid immediately. The result of the reduction is the blue complex whose absorbance is in proportion to the concentration of total phosphorus.


l Data will be automatic stored and will not lost when power failure.

l Failure alarm function and  exceed-limit alarm. Equipped with automatic fault diagnosis function

l Automatic cleaning and calibration function.

l Heater automatic power off when heating temperature is too high.

l Data storing and downloading function

l 7 Inch Touch Screen with concise operation interface for easliy learning , operation and maintenance.


l Dringking water /Surface water’s total phosphorus online monitoring.

Municipal waster water outlet, pollutant source outlet, industry waste water outlet total phosphorus online monitoring