product name :PSS-800 SS(Sludge Concentration) Sensor

Measurement Principle:

PSS-800 SS(Sludge Concentration )Sensor is based on the method of combination of infrared absorption scattered light.Infrared light which the photosource sends out scattered by suspended particles in the sample.And finally  converted to electrical signals by photoelectric detector and getting the suspended solids concentration of the sample after treatment by analog and digital signals.


● The sensor adopts dual-beam infrared scattered light photometer detection technology and has good repeatability and stability.

● Use ISO7027 Standard Method (Infrared light scattering technique) to eliminate effects of sample color.

● Built-in self-diagnosis function to ensure the accuracy of data.

● Optional cleaning brush of automatic cleaning function to reduce the maintenance of sensor.

● Digital sensor,high anti-jamming capacity and far transmission distance.

● Standard digital signal output,can achieve integration and networking with other equipment without controller.

● Plug-and-play sensors,quick and easy installation.


● Sludge concentration of  technological process of sewage treatment plant.

● Online monitoring of industrial process water and Suspended solids (sludge concentration) of waste water treatment process.

Technical Specifications:

Measurement range 0.01-20000 mg/L,0.01-45000 mg/L,0.01-120000 mg/L
Measurement accuracy Less than the ±5% of measured value. (Depending on the homogeneity of sludge)
Pressure range ≤0.4Mpa
Flow rate ≤2.5m/s、8.2ft/s
Calibration Sample Calibration,Slope Calibration
Main material Body:SUS316L(fresh water),Titanium alloy(marine);


Communication protocol MODBUS  RS485
Storage temperature -15-65℃
Measuring temperature 0-45℃
Dimensions Dia 60mm*Length 256mm


Weight 1.35KG
Protective rate Sensor:IP68/NEMA6P;
Cable length Standard:10m,the maximum may be extended to 100m