product name :PPH-500 Sensor

Measurement Principle:

PPH-500 pH sensor is a combination electrode combined precious metals indicator electrode with reference electrode. Firstly measure the potential difference of working battery made up of measuring electrode and reference electrode in the solution,then use linear relation of pH value of the measuring solution and potential of working battery to realize the on-line monitoring.


● Good repeatability and stablity.

● Simple cleaning and activation,quite high balance speed.The function of automatic temperature compensation.

● Optional analog-digital conversion module to achieve digital signal output,high anti-jamming capacity and far transmission distance.

● Optional analog-digital conversion module to achieve standard digital signal output(RS485),can achieve integration and networking with other equipment without controller.

● Quick and easy field installation,plug and play.


● PH online monitoring in technological process of inlet/outlet of sewage treatment plant,sedimentation basin and biochemical reaction basin and so on.

● PH online monitoring of municipal water supply industry,surface water and aquaculture and so on.

● PH online monitoring of industrial process water and in wastewater treatment process.

Technical Specifications:

Main material Black Polypropylene,Ag/Agcl Reference Gel
Measurement range 0-14pH
Temperature range 0-80℃
Pressure range ≤0.6Mpa
Zero potential pH value 7±0.25pH(15mV)
Slope ≥95%
Internal Resistance ≤250MΩ
Alkaline error 0.2pH(1mol/L Na+ pH14)(25℃)
Response time ≤10 seconds (Reach 95% of the end value)(After stirring)
Communication protocol MODBUS  RS485
Storage temperature -15-65℃
Measuring temperature 0-80℃
Dimension Dia 30mm*Length195mm
Weight Sensor:0.2KG
Protective rate Sensor:IP68/NEMA6P
Cable length Standard: 10 m, the maximum can be extended