product name :PDCL-400 Residual Chlorine Online Analyzer

PDCL-400 residual chlorine adopts advanced principle of constant voltage to measure residual chlorine in water.The principle is adding a stable electric potential between polarized electrode and reference electrode to make different measured components produce different current intensity.The analyzer calculates the concentration of the measured component by collecting and analyzing current signal.

PDCL-400 residual chlorine has simple structure,easy to clean and replace.Meanwhile,the electrode dosen’t need to replace membrane and reagent when operating and the maintenance is simple to ensure the stability,reliability and accuracy of instrument for long-term working.


Residual chlorine measurement of waste water and water treatment of water plant,drinking water distribution network,swimming pool and hospital and etc.

Technical Specification:

Principle Constant voltage method
Measurement range 0-20 mg/L
Calibration two-point calibration
Sensitivity 78%-155%
Temperature compensation Manual or automatic temperature compensation
Temperature coefficient 2%/℃
Power supply AC:100~240VAC  5W

DC:9~36VDC  5W

Output 1-way isolated 4-20mA
Communication protocol MODBUS  RS485
Flow rate 30 – 90 L/h (60 – 90L/h is optimum)
Operating temperature 0-50℃
Electrode dimensions Dia 13mm*L 120mm
Electrode materials 316LStainless steel shell
Cable length Standard 5m cable