product name :PCM300-CODmn Permanganate Index Online Analyzer

Principle of Measurement:

Acidic potassium permanganate redox titration, endpoint determination of redox potential.

Add the measured potassium permanganate solution and sulfuric acid solution to the sample and mix them for digestion. After the potassium permanganate oxidizes the organic contaminants in the sample, then add the measured sodium oxalate solution to reduce the remaining potassium permanganate, after that, drip the potassium oxalate solution back into the excess sodium oxalate. Through the endpoint of the titration being judged by the oxidation-reduction potential, the permanganate index value was eventually calculated by the instrument automatically.

Main Features:

●  Use platinum electrodes with high sensitivity and stability to minimize external influences;

●  When power failure occurs, the data will not be lost for it will be saved automatically;

●  It has fault alarm and over-limit alarm function, and it also has automatic fault diagnosis function;

●  It has automatic cleaning and automatic calibration function;

●  It has over-heat protection function: If the heating temperature is too high, the heater will automatically power off;

●  It has data storage and download functions;

●  With 7-inch touchscreen and simple operation interface, it is very convenient for users to learn, easy operate and maintain.

Typical Application:

On-line monitoring of permanganate index of drinking water and surface water


Measuring Method


Acidic potassium permanganate redox titration

Endpoint Determination


Endpoint determination of redox potential

Measuring Range




No more than ±5%


±10% or 0.2mg/L, select the larger one




7-inch display, operation interface

Sampling Period


60~9999min adjustable mode, integral point measuring mode, external trigger mode

Calibration Cycle

Under the automatic calibration mode, ( ranging from 1 day to 99 days) it is adjustable in any interval or at any time.

Maintenance Interval

Normally once per month, about 30min per time

Power Supply



 4~20mA output


MODBUS  RS-232、RS-485


4-channel relay

Environmental Condition

Temperature-adjustable indoor, recommended temperature +5 ~ 40 °C

Humidity ≤85% (non-condensing)