We are expertise in different protocol conversion like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC-61850, IEC 60870-101, IEC 60870-103, IEC60870-104, DNP 3.0, DLMS as our continuous focus on protocol related activities and smart grid application from decades.Our RSK-RTURemote Terminal Units which supports convenient installation,maintenance and expansion features. Their configuration shall include a centralprocessing module, I/O module, and time / date facilities. The central processing module ishandling all protocol emulation, perform data acquisition, and execute control requests. It is also accept commands from themaster station, perform address recognition, assemble response messages inaccordance with the received command messages, and transmit these messages tothe SCADA/DMS master station. The Central Processing Unit is also provide interfaces for a timestandard and a test set. Each I/O module is capable of interfacing with digital inputs, control output points and combinations of point types. I/O modules are also replaceable withoutreprogramming, redefinition of configuration parameters or rewiring.

  • Compact Fan less Design
  • Especially the Power, Smart Grid, Steel, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Food Processing
  • Acquire data from Multifunction Transducers (MFTs), discrete transducers & status input devices such as CMRs etc.
  • Receiving and processing digital commands
  • Support for Analog output
  • Strong data processing ability
  • Time synchronization with GPS receiver
  • Internal battery backup to hold data in SOE buffer memory & also maintaining the time & date.
  • Capable to control of Substation devices.
  • Interfaced with the substation equipment, communication equipment, power supply distribution boards etc.
  • Data transmission rates – 300 to 19200 bps for Serial ports for MODBUS and 10/100/1000 mbps for TCP/IP Ethernet ports
  • Automatic startup and initialization following power restoration
  • File downloading and uploading support.
  • Automatic start-up and initialization following restoration of power.
  • Support for IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850 protocols & ability to act as a gateway for Numerical relays
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) feature
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Remote Support.
  1. IEC-61850
  2. IEC-60870-5-104
  3. IEC-60870-5-101
  4. IEC-60870-5-103
  5. DNP 3.0
  7. OPC DA

Flexible Model Availability: Yes

Flexible No of RS-232/RS-485 Availability: Yes 

Flexible No of Ethernet TCP/IP Port Availability: Yes 

Din Rail Mounting : Yes