Redundant Modbus Gateway With Multiple Slave And Multiple Master Devices

Redundant Modbus Gateway With Multiple Slave And Multiple Master DevicesSurface Transport & Logistics



For the Redundant Modbus Gateway (Data Collection from Field IEDs over Modbus TCP/IP and data transmission of the required data to Master over Modbus TCP/IP).

Challenges & Solutions

For each system redundancy Following Challenges & Solutions :

  • Modbus Master/Slave Gateway with Minimum 2 nos. Ethernet RJ45 LAN portsthis is confirmed by us. Our Protocol gateway hardware selection has 2 isolated Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbps LAN ports (Different MAC addresses and Different IP Addresses). Software/Firmware pre-loaded will have necessary drivers/configuration for Modbus Master and Modbus Slave (TCP/IP) device/system integration (Read & Write Analog & Digital Data from both sides) 


  • Communication with max 9 nos. Modbus TCP/IP Slave Devices each with minimum 15 IO points/registers


  • Response time of max 1 sec for retrieval of data from all the 9 Modbus IEDs simultaneously and ready for transmission to Modbus TCP/IP Master Stations.Software/Firmware pre-loaded on Our Protocol gateway hardware  RSK_PGA is capable of multi-threads (each thread will interface with 1 Modbus Master or Slave device). As per clients specification, there shall be max. 13 threads required (9 threads for integrating 9 Modbus Slave devices and 4 threads for integrating 4 Modbus Master Masters) which are available in the offered solution. There shall be no slowness observed in the offered solution even incase some of the Modbus Master & Slave devices are not connected to the network. The data reception from each Modbus device will be within 1 second.


  • Simultaneous Communication with multiple Modbus TCP/IP master station (minimum 4 nos.)


  • Power Supply – 24 VDC


  • Necessary software/license required for programming Software/firmware with required drivers/configuration will be pre-loaded on RSK_PGA. R S Consultancy providedtraining for device configuration & troubleshooting to client engineers and the same is included in the offered solution.


  • Mounting – Standard DINRAIL


  • Approved System Architecture Extract enclosed above for your validation..Pls confirm.


  • Protocol Gateway (RSK_PGA) Onboard Digital Input and Digital Output availability and status/data transmission to Modbus Master


  • Protocol Gateway (RSK_PGA) Onboard Digital Output automatic operation (OFF to ON and further normalization) in an event of any or all Modbus Slave Communication Failure


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